How to share your Apple Vision Pro with guest user?

How to share your Apple Vision Pro with guest user?


The Apple Vision Pro offers a unique and immersive experience, and you might want to share it with others. Luckily, Apple provides a “Guest User” feature that allows someone else to use your device temporarily without accessing your personal information. Here’s a simple guide on how to share your Apple Vision Pro with a guest user:


Before You Begin:

  • Make sure your Apple Vision Pro is fully charged. Your guest wouldn’t want the experience to be cut short due to a low battery.
  • Remove any personal inserts. If you use Zeiss Optical inserts, remove them before handing over the device to your guest.
  • Brief your guest on handling the device. Explain that the light seal attaches magnetically and they should hold the frame to avoid accidentally pressing buttons.

Sharing the Apple Vision Pro:

  1. Open the Control Center. Swipe down from the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Tap the “+” icon. This opens a menu with various controls.
  3. Tap “Guest.” This will initiate the Guest User setup process.
  4. Customize Guest User settings (optional):
    • Allowed Apps: Choose whether the guest can access only open apps or all your apps and data. For security and privacy, it’s recommended to choose “Open Apps Only” unless you fully trust the guest.
    • View Mirroring: If you want to see what the guest sees while using your Apple Vision Pro, tap “View Mirroring” and choose a compatible device from the list.
  5. Tap “Start.” This will activate the Guest User session and display a countdown timer.
  6. Remove your Apple Vision Pro and let your guest put it on. They have five minutes to do this before the Guest User session automatically ends.

Ending the Guest User Session:

  • To end the session manually, open the Control Center again and tap “End Guest Session.”

Apple Vision Pro sharing settings

What can you share?

  • Apps: You can choose to allow the guest to use only “Open Apps” (apps currently running) or “All Apps” (all installed apps). Sharing all apps offers more access but comes with increased security risk. Choose “Open Apps” for general sharing.
  • Mirroring View: This lets you see what the guest sees on your Apple Vision Pro through a compatible device like your iPhone or iPad. This can be helpful for monitoring or guiding the guest.

Guest user restrictions on Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro’s “Guest User” feature lets someone else experience the device temporarily, but with some limitations to protect your privacy and security. Here’s a breakdown of what guests can and can’t access:


What Guests CAN’T access:

  • Your personal information: This includes photos, messages, emails, contacts, and anything else stored in your personal apps.
  • Certain Apple features: Guests cannot use features like Apple ID, Wallet & Apple Pay, EyeSight calibration, and Persona customization.
  • Full app access (by default): By default, guests can only access apps that are already open. You can choose to allow them access to all apps, but be cautious with this option.

What Guests CAN access (with limitations):

  • Apps: With your permission, guests can use open apps or all apps (if you choose). However, even with full app access, they won’t see your personal information. For example, if they use the Music app, they won’t see your playlists, favorite songs, or recently played music.
  • Limited view of some apps: Even in allowed apps, guests might see glimpses of information depending on the app’s design. It’s best to avoid letting untrusted users access sensitive apps like messaging or social media.

Benefits of using guest mode on Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s Guest Mode offers several benefits to make sharing safe and convenient:


1. Privacy Protection:

  • Keeps your personal information safe: Guest users cannot access your photos, messages, emails, contacts, and other personal data, even if you grant them access to all apps. This ensures your personal information remains protected.
  • Temporary access: Guest sessions are temporary. Once the session ends, any data created by the guest, like temporary files or app data, is automatically deleted. This keeps your device clean and prevents any information from lingering after the guest’s use.

2. Secure Sharing:

  • Controlled app access: You have the option to limit guest access to only open apps. This prevents them from accessing any apps they haven’t already started, further safeguarding your privacy and preventing unwanted actions.
  • Mirroring option (optional): If you’re concerned about what the guest is seeing, you can enable “View Mirroring” during setup. This allows you to see their view on a compatible device like your iPhone or iPad, offering an extra layer of control.

3. Convenience and Comfort:

  • Easy setup: Guest Mode is incredibly simple to activate and manage. With just a few taps in the Control Center, you can initiate a session and customize settings.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing your information is protected and you can control the guest experience provides peace of mind, allowing you to comfortably share your Apple Vision Pro with others.

Overall, Guest Mode provides a safe and convenient way to share your Apple Vision Pro with friends, family, or even colleagues. It allows them to experience the unique capabilities of the device without compromising your privacy or security.



Who can I share my Apple Vision Pro with using Guest User?

You can share your Apple Vision Pro with anyone you trust. However, it’s important to remember that Guest User doesn’t offer complete privacy; they might be able to see glimpses of information depending on the app they’re using.

What can a Guest User access on my Apple Vision Pro?

By default, a Guest User can only access open apps. However, you can choose to grant them access to all apps and data during setup. Be cautious with this option and only use it with trusted individuals.

Does the Guest User have access to my personal information?

No, the Guest User cannot access your personal information like photos, messages, emails, or contacts, even if you granted them access to all apps.

What happens to data created during a Guest User session?

All data created during a Guest User session, such as temporary files or app data, is automatically deleted once the session ends.

How long does a Guest User session last?

A Guest User session lasts until you manually end it or the guest doesn’t put on the Apple Vision Pro within five minutes of starting the session.

Can I see what the Guest User is seeing on my Apple Vision Pro?

Yes, you can enable “View Mirroring” during setup. This allows you to see the guest’s view on a compatible device like your iPhone or iPad.

What happens if the Guest User accidentally presses a button on the device?

The Apple Vision Pro is designed to minimize accidental button presses. However, it’s helpful to remind the guest to avoid pressing the top button or digital crown while putting on or holding the device.

Is it safe to share my Apple Vision Pro with a Guest User?

Sharing your Apple Vision Pro with a Guest User is generally safe, especially if you only grant access to open apps and end the session promptly. However, always exercise caution and never share your device with someone you don’t trust.





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