YouTube is bringing 30-second unskippable ads to TV

The new ad offering was announced at YouTube's annual YouTube Brandcast upfront event in New York

The 30-second ads will replace the two, 15-second consecutive ads that currently play on connected TVs

Advertisers will be able to target their campaigns across videos with longer, 30-second ads, which YouTube says better aligns with advertiser objectives and allows for "richer storytelling"

YouTube believes that viewers at home are more likely to be receptive to longer, 30-second ads when watching on the big screen

The feature is arriving along with the addition of "Pause" ads on Connected TV devices, which will allow advertisers to showcase their brand when a viewer pauses their content

The new ad offering is part of ongoing efforts to cater to marketers who want to ensure ad dollars are going to high-performing, but brand-safe content

The move is aimed at making YouTube's service more appealing to TV ad buyers

The new ad format will allow advertisers to re-use their existing collateral, rather than creating shorter content just for reaching YouTube's audience

The addition of 30-second unskippable ads on connected TVs is a significant change for YouTube, which has previously focused on shorter ad formats that can be skipped by viewers