Wear OS 4 prepares to color your smartwatches 

Wear OS 4 may feature Material You dynamic colors, which will make smartwatches more colorful to match the current watch fac

Dynamic theming has been spotted in a preview version of Wear OS 4 and can be enabled via a toggle in the Settings app

Dynamic colors will complement the color of the watch face and will be applied to many UI elements, including Quick Settings and app icons

The feature is expected to work in the same way as it does on smartphones

Wear OS 4 is set to launch this fall and will include Material You theming as one of its major additions

The Watch Face Format will make new designs more standardized and efficient

Developers and designers can use Watch Face Studio, a no-code watch face creation tool, to build a watch face for Wear OS

Watch faces are the most used surface of Wear OS, and users customize them to suit their style and meet their needs

Watch faces should include variety in design and facilitate customization, such as color ways, customizable hands, and complications