Netflix is updating its "My List" feature so that users can filter and sort their saved shows and movies

The update will allow users to sort their list by several criteria, including release date, title, runtime, and more

Users will also be able to filter their list by genre, language, and whether the content is a movie or TV show

The feature has been highly requested by users who have found it difficult to manage their growing watchlists on the platform

The update is expected to roll out to all users globally in the coming weeks

Netflix has been investing heavily in improving its user experience and offering more personalized recommendations

The company has also been expanding its library of original content, with plans to release more than 500 new titles in 2023 alone

The new "My List" feature is part of Netflix's efforts to make it easier for users to find content they are interested in watching and keep track of what they have already watched

The company's algorithms use data on user viewing habits to make personalized recommendations for each user

Overall, the update is a welcome improvement for Netflix users who have struggled to keep track of their saved content on the platform