LinkedIn has announced that it is phasing out its China app and cutting jobs

The move will affect around 716 LinkedIn employees in China, representing about 10% of its workforce in the country.

The company stated that it will continue to invest in China, but will shift its focus to its flagship global platform and other products.

LinkedIn launched its China app in 2014, and it was the only major social network that operated in the country without being blocked.

However, the app had been criticized for censorship, as it had to comply with China's strict online content regulations.

The decision to phase out the China app comes after Microsoft, LinkedIn's parent company, faced intense scrutiny in China over its Office software suite and its Skype internet phone service.

LinkedIn's decision to cut jobs in China is the latest example of US tech companies facing challenges in China's increasingly restrictive regulatory environment.

 In recent years, China has tightened its control over its tech industry, with new regulations introduced on data privacy, cybersecurity, and antitrust.

 This has led to the forced shutdown or scaling back of operations for several US tech giants in China, including Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

 LinkedIn's move to phase out its China app and cut jobs underscores the difficult choices that US tech companies face as they try to navigate China's complex regulatory environment.