Lifeline Ventures Raises $163M Fund for Startups

Venture capital  firm Lifeline Ventures today announced a fresh $163 million fund aimed at early-stage startups across Finland.

The Helsinki-based firm invests in health, web, games, and tech startups

Lifeline Ventures has set up three funds and invested in 55 early-stage startups with a number of successes

The new fund focuses on Finnish startups, but Lifeline Ventures indicates an interest in global Health Tech startups

The fund has no exact preference in some founders of portfolio startups

Lifeline Ventures invests in Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden

The fund prefers software and TMT industries

Lifeline Ventures wants to partner with founders from the very beginning of their journey and support them

Lifeline Ventures has had exits to (NonstopGames), Facebook (Moves app), and Unity 3D