Instagram users can finally comment on posts with GIFs

Instagram now allows users to post GIFs in comments and replies to posts and stories

The GIFs will be pulled from the online GIF database GIPHY

Users can browse and select trending GIFs or use the search bar to find a specific GIF

The feature is being rolled out in phases and will likely have a wider rollout in the coming weeks

To use the new feature, users simply need to tap the "add comment" button and then tap the GIF icon to browse and select a GIF

Instagram has been allowing users to respond to Stories with a GIF for some time now and is now expanding the feature to its comment section

A keyword related to the GIF can be typed in the Send Message or the comment box to find a specific GIF

GIFs convey more than words could, perhaps this is the reason they have become a mainstay in modern-day conversations

Instagram has introduced a slew of features including the ability to post GIFs in reply to posts and stories