Chinese technology company iFlytek has unveiled a new natural language processing (NLP) system called iFLYOS Chat.

The system is designed to rival popular NLP systems like OpenAI's GPT and Google's BERT.

iFLYOS Chat is being marketed as a "brain for smart products" and can be integrated into a range of devices and platforms.

 The new system utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze and process natural language input from users.

iFlytek has been facing increased scrutiny from Chinese regulators over its handling of user data and privacy concerns.

 The launch of iFLYOS Chat is seen as an attempt to boost the company's image and compete with other NLP systems.

The new system is expected to be particularly useful for Chinese language processing and could have applications in a range of industries.

 The iFLYOS Chat system is being made available to developers through an API and software development kit (SDK).

The company has already partnered with several major Chinese tech firms to integrate the system into their products.

 iFlytek is one of China's leading AI companies, with a focus on voice recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language processing.