Apple employees can no longer use ChatGPT

Apple has banned its employees from using generative AI platforms, including ChatGPT and GitHub's Copilot

The ban comes amid concerns that confidential information entered into these systems will be leaked or collected

Apple is developing similar technology and is concerned about the leak of confidential data by employees who use the AI programs

The ban on outside generative AI tools comes shortly after ChatGPT debuted as an app for iOS in the Apple app store

Apple employees have also been warned against using GitHub’s AI programming assistant Copilot

ChatGPT had been on Apple’s list of restricted software “for months for abuse” before being permanently deleted

The ban is expected to affect some workers who use these tools due to fears they might accidentally upload confidential information

The ban is part of Apple's efforts to protect its intellectual property and trade secrets

Other companies have also instituted similar bans on the use of generative AI tools, including Google and Microsoft