AI Evolves to Reason Like Humans, Scientists Say


Scientists say that AI has evolved to reason like humans

Theory of Mind (ToM) is the ability of the human mind to attribute mental states to others and is a key component of human cognition

ToM is a prerequisite for artificial intelligence (AI) to be integrated into society, for example in healthcare

ToM refers to humans' ability to represent the mental states of others, including their desires, beliefs, and intentions

Researchers have proposed to train a machine to build such models too, designing a Theory of Mind neural network - a ToMnet - which uses meta-examples to learn to predict the behavior of other agents

A ToMnet learns a general theory of mind that is specialized for the distribution of agents it encounters in the world and estimates an agent-specific theory of mind online for each individual agent

There is a large body of work on testing common sense and reasoning in AI systems, including observing and predicting agent behavior

The socially savvy AIs that seem to possess theory of mind are not a pipe dream

If we want robots or AI in general to integrate into our lives in a seamless way, then we have to figure out how to give them the gift of understanding human intentions